Health is a Human Right: Then and Now

On April 16, students in public health law, health equity and health literacy courses presented their research posters to over 100 faculty and students from across Georgia State University in the

Health is a Human Right: Race and Place in America exhibit space.  Georgia State University has hosted the exhibit for the past year. Donated by… more »

From Coverage to Care: A Roadmap to Better Care for Adults with Low Health Literacy

Health literacy refers to how patients or caregivers receive, understand, and use health information, and how health care providers, including medical professionals, health educators and others, provide information. Therefore, health literacy can be a significant determinant of health outcomes.

Last year, the Center for Law Health & Society hosted a presentation on health literacy. Based… more »

Bridging the Gap – Literacy, Health and Law

Literacy plays an important role in developing and maintaining healthy communities. Yet almost one percent of U.S. adults cannot read at all, and 1 of 6 U.S. adults have difficulty reading above an elementary level.

In January, the Center for Law, Health & Society invited Daphne Greenberg, director and professor, and Iris Feinberg (Ph.D. ’15),… more »