Graduate Network

Graduate Health Law Network

Leaders in the Health Law Field

The Center hosts the Graduate Health Law Network (GHLN), a network of over 300 Georgia State Law graduates who practice in the health law field.

The “health law field” includes legal practice in any area of law which affects the health of individuals and the public. The field thus encompasses many diverse areas, such as corporate law, environmental law, tort law, bioethics and law, constitutional law, family law, juvenile and elder law, administrative law, public health law, intellectual property law, social welfare law, and international law.

Graduates are invited to participate in a variety of activities. Examples of opportunities that GHLN offers participants include:

  • Presentations, from lunch-time speakers to CLE conferences
  • Networking opportunities and social gatherings
  • Email alerts of programs, job opportunities, local conferences, out-of-town speakers, and other interesting health law-related information
  • Proposals for health-related externships with community partners
  • Mentoring current law students interested in health law (co-sponsored with the Student Health Law Association)
  • Coaching current law students for the National Health Law Moot Court competition (co-sponsored with the Student Health Law Association)