Health Law Partnership

Faculty and Staff

Experts advancing health law

The Center’s distinguished faculty are nationally recognized and deeply committed to cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary education. Composed of health-related legal experts in fields such as bioethics, genetics, eugenics, HIV/AIDS, human subjects research, international health and human rights, health care regulation, public health, and legislation and social welfare, the Center’s faculty contribute breadth and depth to the health law curriculum and research at the law school.

The health law program is supported by an outstanding group of adjunct and affiliated faculty members drawn from major law firms, government agencies, academic centers, and health-related organizations.


Name Title Email Phone
Courtney Anderson Assistant Professor of Law 404.413.9186
Roberta Berry Professor of Law 404.385.1704
Lisa Bliss Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Co-Director of HeLP Legal Services Clinic, Director of Experiential Learning 404.413.9131
Sylvia Caley Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Co-Director of HeLP Legal Services Clinic, Director, Health Law Partnership 404.413.9132
Erin Fuse Brown Assistant Professor of Law 404.413.9180
Jessica Gabel Law Faculty Affiliate 404.413.9196
Cassie Hayasaka Program Manager 404.413.9084
Yaniv Heled Assistant Professor of Law 404.413.9092
Wendy Hensel Law Faculty Affiliate 404.413.9148
Randall Hughes Faculty Fellow of Center for Law, Health & Society, Adjunct Faculty 404.572.4528
Stacie Kershner Center Associate Director 404.413.9088
Paul Lombardo Bobby Lee Cook Professor of Law 404.413.9187
Timothy Lytton Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law
Vacant HeLP Legal Services Clinic Administrative Specialist 404.413.9130
Charity Scott Catherine C. Henson Professor of Law 404.413.9183
Emily Suski Clinical Supervising Attorney, HeLP Legal Services Clinic 404.413.9138
Jonathan Todres Professor of Law 404.413.9165
Leslie Wolf Director, Center for Law, Health & Society and Professor of Law 404.413.9164
Patricia Zettler Associate Professor of Law 404.413.9094