When and How to Apply

When and How to Apply


You must be a student in good standing, based on the successful completion of the first full year of law study (31 hours), to participate in the certificate program. You must remain in good standing to continue participation in the certificate program.

Application process

To apply, submit the declaration-of-interest form to the Registrar’s Office and to the Associate Director of the Center for Law, Health & Society. Download the declaration-of-interest form.

You may apply for the program as early as the spring semester of your first year of the full-time program or spring semester of your second year of the part-time program. You may apply at any time thereafter so long as there remains sufficient time to satisfy all certificate requirements before graduation. If you apply before you have successfully completed the first full year of law study (31 hours), you can get the benefit of faculty advisement (see below), although your formal participation in the program counting toward the requirements for the certificate will not begin until your second full year of law study.

The declaration-of-interest form is not binding. You may change your mind and decline to pursue the certificate at any time.