Dual Degree Programs

Legal education today must recognize the growing importance of interdisciplinary study and the intersection of law and other disciplines and professions. The center’s health law program advances this vision in numerous ways and provides important opportunities for students and scholars to collaborate with the university, our metropolitan community and with partners across the academy.

Steven J. Kaminshine, Dean, College of Law

In the ever-changing public health and health care environments, attorneys and practitioners must understand the multifaceted and unique aspects of their practice. Dual degrees provide students education in two different fields with their own frameworks and expectations. Students graduate with domain knowledge from both fields, an understanding of how each work together and the ability to communicate effectively with professionals in each field.

Georgia State University offers three interdisciplinary dual degree programs for graduate and professional students interested in law and health:

Juris doctor and a master of public health with the School of Public Health
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J.D./M.S.H.A. or J.D./M.B.A./M.H.A.  
Juris doctor and either a master of science in health administration or a master of business administration/master of health administration with J. Mack Robinson College of Business
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Credit hours earned in one degree program may be used to satisfy some of the elective course requirements of the other degree program, thus enabling students to earn both degrees in a shorter time than would be possible pursuing both degrees separately.