Professor Jonathan Todres teaching


Our health law program provides a great opportunity to learn how health laws are made and to devise new ways to make them work better.

Brian Basinger, Georgia State Law Graduate

Combining education with real-world practice

Our health law program offers an extensive array of educational opportunities in an interdisciplinary setting. Students develop a real-world understanding of how law impacts health through health law courses, externships, a live-client clinic, lawyering skills development, and joint-degree programs. Our educational offerings encourage students to combine expertise in law, public policy, and ethics with an understanding of the complex challenges to ensuring health and well-being in our society.

The Strategic Plan for the law school recognizes that “practice areas such as health law require knowledge and exposure that extend beyond the traditional law school curriculum.” We continually strive to ensure that its educational programming reflects the ever-changing legal environment of the health field.

Health law certificate

Law students who are interested in concentrating their studies in health law may now receive a health law certificate.