Careers in Health Law

Careers in Health Law

Through the Center’s speakers, classes, conferences and more, I learned how many different fields and careers are open to health lawyers.

Jodi Dixon, Georgia State Law Graduate

The health law field encompasses many diverse areas to address the complex challenges to ensuring health and well-being in our society. Health lawyers in the 21st century need to have a solid and well-rounded background across legal disciplines. They also work in a wide variety of health law settings, including:

  • Corporate counsel who advise for-profit and not-for-profit health care businesses
  • Corporate lawyers who counsel employers on health-related matters, including benefits and health plans, related to their employees
  • Attorneys in private practice who advise on the rights of patients and health care providers, including doctors and institutional providers
  • Attorneys in private practice who advise individuals and families on disability, workers compensation, special education, the welfare of children and the elderly, and other health-related issues
  • Legal aid and civil rights lawyers who address the rights of economically disadvantaged and otherwise under-served members of the community and who promote their health and access to health care
  • Trial attorneys involved in litigation related to insurance companies, health care enterprises, medical products manufacturers, or individuals’ health or health care outcomes
  • Government attorneys representing administrative agencies or charged with implementing major health legislation at the federal, state or local levels
  • Government attorneys who prosecute criminal fraud and abuse of other health-related white-collar crimes
  • Intellectual property lawyers involved with the development of new health care technologies
  • Legal advocates in non-profit organizations who represent the health interests of particular segments of the population
  • Mediators who facilitate the resolution of health-related disputes
  • Lawyers who engage in research, policy analysis, and policy implementation

In addition, many lawyers’ pro bono activities are aimed at improving their community’s health.

Career Services

The law school’s Career Services Office advises law students on developing a career plan, interviewing, and finding employment opportunities that match students’ interests. Through resume review and mock interview programs, students learn how to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market.

Graduate Health Law Network

The Center hosts the Graduate Health Law Network, a professional and social network of over 300 Georgia State Law graduates who practice in the health law field. Our mentor program pairs GHLN members with law students interested in health law to give law students greater exposure to the real world of legal practice.