Established in 2004, the Center for Law, Health & Society represents the culmination of strong research, educational, and community outreach initiatives developed in the health law field over many years at Georgia State University’s College of Law.

The Center oversees the only nationally-ranked health law program in the Southeast. We offer an outstanding health law program because of our strengths:

  • Educational programs: The Center’s exceptional educational programs offer an extensive array of courses, externships, and skills training that reflects the interdisciplinary breadth of the health law field.
  • Faculty and staffOur distinguished faculty are nationally recognized and deeply committed to cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary education. Our staff advance the Center’s focus on engaging in community outreach through pro bono initiatives and community workshops.
  • StudentsStudents involved in our health law program come from diverse backgrounds. Their interests span the health law field, including the regulation of health care business, public health, medical ethics, health science and technology, social justice and international health.
  • GraduatesOur graduates pursue successful careers in many fields of law that impact the health of society, and they benefit professionally from Center-sponsored networking events.
  • Collaborations: The Center has established strong collaborations across Atlanta with academic, government, and professional partners who share a common dedication to promoting society’s health.
  • Conferences and speakers: The Center serves our community by hosting lectures and workshops on contemporary issues in health law, policy, and ethics.
  • Location: The Center benefits from our location in Atlanta, which is a capital city and a major regional and national center for health education, health care services, and health-related business development and government services.

We welcome your interest and participation in our program.