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Sophia Horn (J.D./M.S.H.A. ’18)

The Center for Clinical Programs at Georgia State Law provides an opportunity for students to reflect on and share what they have learned in the HeLP Legal Services

Clinic, Investor Advocacy Clinic and Philip C. Cook Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. Here are a couple of excerpts.

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Getting the Whole Story – Sophia Horn (J.D./M.S.H.A. ’18)

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“Many of our clients present with one legal issue, but upon further examination, really have anywhere from two to five. When I meet with my clients to get the facts of their, it is essential for me to ask open-ended questions and to get a full picture of their situation.

Roma Amin (J.D. ’18)

Just like a doctor performs a basic check-up (eyes, nose, throat, ears, etc.), I need to go through it all: home, health, environment, school, work, etc. I have to perform a full legal check-up.”

“Come Again?” Translating Legalese – Roma Amin
(J.D. ’18)

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“While explaining her options, a client stopped me mid-sentence and said ‘You choose. You know best.’ Later, I wondered whether I had done a good job translating the legalese into plain language so she could understand and digest her options. What I was saying was getting lost in translation. Preparation, using analogies, presenting material in multiple ways are ways to bridge the gap between legalese and plain language and improve communication with our clients.”