Retirement Congratulations

The Center for Law, Health & Society congratulates Gail Horlick (J.D. ’90) on her retirement from a distinguished 23-year career at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Horlick was the first Georgia State Law graduate to work at the agency.

“Today, there is much more recognition of the impact of law on public health,” she said. “When I was hired, I was one of few lawyers in the agency outside of the Office of the General Counsel.”

An early position involved contracts to put computers in state and local health departments in Georgia. “My boss told me that the technology is the easy part, but if people are worried about their privacy they won’t use the technology.”

She later became the HIPAA Privacy Rule coordinator and a subject matter expert on the impact of privacy and data sharing law and policy on public health practice and research.

Since 2011, Horlick has provided support to Georgia State Law through career advising and mentoring for part-time, evening students. She intends to continue this role into her retirement. Her deep connection to the law school extends beyond her own experience, as her husband Alan (J.D.’87) and son Robert (J.D. ’04) are also alumni.

Horlick, who also has a master of social work and practiced for several years before law school, brings unique insight to students who may also be attending law school as a career change. “Know yourself and trust your gut,” she advised. “I had no idea that I wanted to work in public health but I knew I wanted something mission-oriented, and I knew I wanted a career that would enable me to balance work and family.”