Students Visit Biotech Company

Georgia State Law students interested in careers in health law and intellectual property, along with Center for Law, Health & Society director, Leslie Wolf, visited the Marietta, Georgia, corporate headquarters of MiMedx®, a regenerative biomaterial company that manufactures human amniotic membrane derived from full-term donated placentas. Its products have multiple therapeutic uses including ophthalmology, spine, chronic wounds, dental, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and urology.

The company has a number of Georgia State graduates in lead roles, including Parker H. “Pete” Petit (M.B.A. ’73), chair of the board and chief executive officer, who assisted with funding of the science center building at Georgia State that bears his name. Laura Trivette (M.Ed. ‘87), vice president of reimbursement and health policy at MiMedx® and a member of the Georgia State University Alumni Association Board of Directors, hosted the group. The students had an opportunity to meet with three of MiMedx® lawyers, including Georgia State Law graduate Brian Teras (J.D. ’06), and talk about the day to day work of in-house lawyers at a biotechnology firm and their career paths. The students also had an opportunity to tour a portion of the manufacturing facility and discuss how the business is regulated.

“It is so helpful for students to see a variety of setting in which to practice law, as they think about their own careers,” Wolf said. “The visit provided insight into how students can work at the intersection of law, health, and science, as well as highlighted the type of opportunities that are available in the Metro Atlanta area. We’re grateful to the people at MiMedx® and the Alumni Association for arranging this visit for us.”