Anderson Speaks on Cultural Responsibility at Harvard Law

In September, Courtney Anderson, assistant professor of law, participated in Harvard Law School’s fourth Celebration of Black Alumni: Turning Vision into Action event. The event brought together more than 800 black alumni and focused on the challenges local, national and global communities face and opportunities to respond to them.

Anderson, a 2006 Harvard Law graduate, served on a panel, “Life Beyond the Bar: Strategies for Balancing the Blessing and the Burden of a Harvard Law Degree,” which focused on navigating the legal community as a black, Ivy League law school graduate.

She discussed the importance of working in an environment that allows pursuit of professional interests that align with personal values. “The ability to work in the field of health disparities provides the integration of the cultural responsibility that often accompanies being a black, Ivy League graduate with providing scholarship and teaching in an emerging discipline,” Anderson said.

Attending law school with a diverse student body has informed Anderson’s law teaching. “Georgia State’s community outreach initiatives have been a great vehicle to continue to provide legal assistance and education to underserved populations, which I believe is a responsibility of all legal scholars,” she said. “It is particularly important for me, as a black Harvard Law School alum, to find opportunities to serve minorities.”