Todres Develops Study Abroad Course on Children’s Rights

Georgia State Law students soon will have a new international experiential learning opportunity. Professor Jonathan Todres has developed a course, Global Perspectives on Children and the Law, which will include a one-week study abroad component. The course explores how law and policy can advance children’s rights and well-being globally.
Each year the course will focus on different issues important to children’s rights beginning with migration and education for marginalized children and adolescents. The Spring 2017 study abroad program will be in San Jose, Costa Rica, in partnership with University for Peace through its Centre for Executive Education.
UPEACE is a United Nations-mandated university that promotes world peace and progress through education and research. “This course will offer a unique setting for students to enrich their understanding of how children’s rights law is implement in practice,” Todres said. “By combining UPEACE’s expertise in human rights and social innovation with field visits to affected communities, meetings with other stakeholders and class discussion, we hope to foster opportunities for students to think creatively about how to effectively address challenges to the rights and well-being of children.”
As immigration, migration, and education are also significant issues in the United States, this program will provide students an opportunity to learn about Costa Rica’s experience and bring the lessons they learn through the study abroad back to the United States.
“I’m excited that this course will offer students an opportunity to witness and deepen their understanding of challenges children face around the globe,” Todres said. “We become better lawyers when we can truly appreciate the experiences of those we aim to serve.”
The course is limited to 10 law and graduate students. Participating students will write a paper on a relevant topic. Students interested in extending their stay in Costa Rica will be able to tour a volcano and national park.
Interested students can find more information and apply at the Study Abroad website.