Bliss Honored for Exceptional Service, Scholarship and Teaching

Lisa Bliss’s commitment to discipline-related service was honored with the Georgia State University 2016 Exceptional Service Award that also recognizes her excellence in scholarship and teaching.
“My goal is to foster an educational environment in which students explore the meaning and application of law, ethics, and professional identity in real situations, thus preparing them for their future as professionals,” she said.
Bliss became a clinical professor in 2006 and co-launched the HeLP Legal Services Clinic. Soon after, she took on the responsibility of broadening Georgia State Law’s focus and commitment to greater integration of clinical education into its curriculum. In 2014, she became director of experiential education and has executed a strategic agenda to further enhance experiential education and the development of interactive teaching.
An active participant in the larger clinical legal education community, Bliss holds elected leadership positions for the Section on Clinical Legal Education of the Association of American Law Schools and the Global Alliance for Justice Education, and formerly served on the board of directors of the Clinical Legal Education Association. She has traveled to developing countries, including Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam, to train teachers in clinical legal education methods and models.
“Participating on national and international committees that support the development of clinical legal education has enriched my work tremendously,” she said. Bliss says it’s important for law professors to be active in service across the globe because when combined with research, the experience can “deepen one’s knowledge and inform one’s scholarship.” “Through my service, I’ve learned so much about culture, teaching, leadership and how we as law professors have the power to transform the justice system through education,” Bliss said.