Wolf Presents on Certificates of Confidentiality

Leslie Wolf, professor and center director, organized presentations on Certificates of Confidentiality at the Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research’s (PRIMR) Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research Conference and the Advancing Ethical Research Conference in Boston. PRIMR is the premier organization for education and public engagement on the ethical standards governing the conduct of research involving human beings.

Certificates of Confidentiality are a legal tool that allow researchers to protect sensitive, identifiable research data from compelled disclosure. They have been essential to making research on substance abuse, HIV, and other sensitive topics feasible. Wolf is one of the few who have conducted empirical research on certificates, including research with institutional counsel to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool. Her work includes an NIH-funded study from 2010-2013.

Wolf, Ann Hardy, the National Institutes of Health certificate coordinator, and Julia Hesse, a partner at the Choate law firm who has represented researchers on issues relating to certificates, presented on two separate days to provide a comprehensive overview about Certificates.