Students Attend Health Care Law Conference

Third-year health law certificate students Iliana Uzunova (J.D. ’15), Barb Rogers (J.D. ’15), and Nirvi Shah (J.D. ’15) attended “Advanced Health Care Law” with assistant law professor Erin Fuse Brown on Oct. 17. The Health Law Section of the State Bar and the Institute of Continuing Legal Education hosted the day-long program.

The speakers included well-known and well-regarded health lawyers.  Sessions addressed issues such as fraud and abuse, developments in the insurance industry, medical board concerns, and doctors’ exclusion from participation in federal health care programs.

“Much of the seminar was on very specific issues with specific professional jargon that I am sure would sound like a foreign language to a person not familiar with the basics of health care law,” said Uzunova. “As health law students though, we were pleased to find that many topics were familiar and comfortable.”

The Center for Law, Health & Society, through generous donations from graduates and friends of the center, were able to provide scholarships to cover ICLE’s student rate for the students to attend this conference.