Attorneys Share Wellness Tips

ATLANTA – Practicing attorneys and personal development coaches, Plamen Russev (J.D. ’03) and Jonathan Ware, return Thursday, Feb. 6, to help students master strategies to reduce stress and promote success in law school. They will meet with students to discuss practical changes students have made since the attorneys’ initial visit during fall semester and to address additional questions students may have.

Wellness Brown Bag Luncheon
Noon Thursday, Feb. 6
Faculty Conference Room, Fourth Floor
R.S.V.P. in Symplicity

Sponsored by the Center for Law, Health & Society and the Career Services Office, the attorneys participated in two luncheons this fall. Russev and Ware recognized that students often find themselves stressed, anxious and exhausted by the challenges of law school and offered to share strategies for identifying and addressing these stressors through techniques such as focused breathing, physical exercise, time management and relaxation, drawing from their personal experiences.

“We wanted to address the different types of stress faced at different times over the course of law school,” Russev said of the Oct. 7 and 8 luncheons. “First-year students are excited about this new endeavor but apprehensive about the unknown difficulties ahead. Second-year and third-year students have survived the intensity of the first year, but now encounter the demands of recruiting, extracurricular activities, and resuming personal lives they may have put on hold during the first year.”

“During law school, many students put their blinders on and focus solely on getting through the three years, then they graduate and find what they pushed aside still needs to be dealt with and the stress of starting into practice is added,” Ware said. “Helping students to learn to deal with stress now will equip them with strategies to handle stress later and maintain a successful practice and healthy life.”

“Many of our sessions are focused on what law students must learn before launching legal careers,” said Vickie Brown, Georgia State Law’s Career Services director. “This session provided students the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on their emotional and physical health and well-being.”

“Our center is engaged in the many ways that law can be used to promote the health of society,” observed Charity Scott, center director and Catherine C. Henson Professor of Law.  “As a law school, we should offer more programs like these to promote wellness among our students.”

Students who attended indicated interest in additional wellness opportunities. During the February event, students will be able to ask additional questions, reflect on how they have engaged in the self-care techniques presented, and participate in more experiential exercises.

Stacie Kershner (J.D. ’08)
Associate Director
Center for Law, Health & Society