Graduate Spotlight: Always Something New

Posted On December 9, 2013
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ATLANTA – Charlotte Combre (J.D. ’97), partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, focuses her practice on the bread and butter of health law: regulatory and compliance matters of health care organizations.

“When I began practicing, I had no health care experience. I had taken two health care law classes and had spent two summers as a summer associate at Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy LLP (now Bryan Cave LLP),” Combre recalled. “Now, there is an expectation that lawyers entering the field have more knowledge of health care terminology and issues.”

Working in health law for over fifteen years, Combre has never had a dull moment. “There is always something new in health care – new laws, new rules, new regulators,” she said.  She marveled at what is new at Georgia State Law, too. “It has been amazing to watch the College of Law and the Center for Law, Health & Society grow. There are so many more courses, a nationally ranked program, and a certificate in health law,” she said.

“A student who is interested in health law should take advantage of the multitude of offerings that Georgia State Law has made available, especially if he or she does not have a background in health care,” continued Combre. “At McKenna, we have four Georgia State law graduates in our health care group: Kim Ruark, Laurice Rutledge, Sarah Grivas West, and Jennifer Whitton. That speaks volumes about the program.”

As McKenna’s Diversity Partner, Combre spends a fair amount of time on diversity-related matters for the firm. “I have oversight of the firm-wide Diversity Committee and its activities,” she said. “I am very excited about our Street Law Diversity Pipeline program that we teach at Grady High School and the KIPP Academy in D.C.”

Stacie Kershner (J.D. ’08)
Associate Director
Center for Law, Health & Society
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