Awards Add New Faculty

Posted On August 26, 2010
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“The 2CI awards offer an extraordinary opportunity to expand interdisciplinary research in the fields of health law and regulation, intellectual property and the biosciences, and health justice.” – Center Director Charity Scott

The College of Law successfully competed for two awards under a new University initiative to hire faculty in selected interdisciplinary research fields. Under… more »

Recent grad Chittam Thakore to publish article in next issue of Law/Technology

Posted On August 18, 2010
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ATLANTA — Recent Georgia State Law graduate Chittam U. Thakore, Ph.D., will be published in the next issue of Law/Technology. Thakore’s article, “Reverse-Payments From Brand-Name To Generic Drug Companies: Antitrust Law Violations or a Patentee’s Rights,” focuses on the intellectual property/antitrust issue of payments made by brand name pharmaceutical producers to generic drug companies, at… more »

Going Global

Posted On July 30, 2010
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Since launching six years ago, the Center has focused its efforts nationally. Now it is primed for an international push. “Many faculty members are already focusing their individual efforts though a wider, international lens,” said Center Director Charity Scott, whose interests include establishing an international health law program with India.

Associate Professor Jonathan Todres,… more »

NIH Grant on Confidentiality

Posted On May 28, 2010
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“Research participants won’t give accurate information about their drug use if they’re afraid they’ll end up in jail.” – Leslie Wolf

Professor Leslie Wolf, in collaboration with researchers at Duke University, received a prestigious two-year, National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to study use and understanding of Certificates of Confidentiality, a document issued by the… more »

Hospitals on the Brink of Bankruptcy

Posted On April 19, 2010
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In April the Center welcomed speaker Samuel Maizel, a partner with the Los Angeles office of Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones, for an eye-opening assessment of the financial burden hefted on hospitals by the recent economic crisis. Bankruptcy law professor Jessica Gabel moderated the program. A bankruptcy practitioner and expert in the restructuring of health… more »

Bringing Light to Children’s Rights

Posted On April 12, 2010
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Contact: Renee DeGross Valdes, 404-413-1353 University Relations

ATLANTA — While in law school, a mural painted outside Jonathan Todres’ apartment window was a stark reminder of just how fragile a child’s life can be.

The colorful graffiti was a memorial in remembrance of a child who had been killed in the neighborhood.

“Graffiti art… more »

Racial Disparities in Infant Health

Posted On March 25, 2010
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Successful Atlanta attorney and executive Kim Anderson thought she had done everything right during her pregnancy. She exercised regularly, ate well, and took the precautions necessary to ensure the health of her child, including regular doctor visits. Despite the precautions, her pregnancy ended 2.5 months early and she risked losing her premature baby. She did… more »