Professor Scott Heads Back to School

Posted On December 1, 2009
Categories CLHS, Faculty

After over 20 years as a faculty member, ProfessorCharity Scott returned to the classroom as a student to earn a master of science degree in conflict management. In recent years, she has become increasingly interested in alternative dispute resolution in health care settings.

She also has been motivated to learn more about how the social sciences field of conflict resolution might be adapted for law school education. In December 2009, Professor Scott received her master’s degree from Kennesaw State University. She has put her education to immediate use by offering a new course on negotiation at the law school.

“Conflict management is a natural field to pair with law studies,” says Scott. “Law schools historically have tended to emphasize litigation as a tool to resolve people’s problems. I think we should focus more of our teaching efforts on the art and science of coming to agreement.”