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Best Health Law Program in the United States
– U.S. News & World Report


Browne (JD, ’02) in an aerial yoga class in Carefree, AZ
State Bar Promotes Attorneys’ Health and Well-Being
Published February 20, 2019 in News Hub
The State Bar of Georgia offered a new three-day conference to address the crisis in the legal profession regarding attorneys’ increasing levels of stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. read more ❯
2019 HeLP Clinic at Georgia State University
Training the Next Generation of Interdisciplinary Problem-Solvers
Published February 20, 2019 in News Hub
Located at the intersection of law and medicine, the HeLP Clinic is well positioned to train the next generation of lawyers and physicians to address the complicated, multi-faceted problems of today in a collaborative, dynamic way. read more ❯
2019 Drug Symposium
Solving America’s Drug Pricing Problem
Published February 14, 2019 in News Hub
On January 24 and 25, the Center for Law, Health & Society at Georgia State University College of Law hosted the Journal of Legal Medicine’s inaugural symposium, “Solving America’s Drug Pricing Problem.” read more ❯