Interdisciplinary by Nature

Posted On October 13, 2011
Categories CLHS, Faculty

ATLANTA – Yaniv Heled is the first law professor to be hired in the College of Law under the University’s new interdisciplinary Second Century Initiative (2CI). The 2CI program is designed to build on existing strengths across the Georgia State campus and to accelerate collaborative faculty research.

“Yaniv’s interdisciplinary work in intellectual property and emerging biotechnologies is an ideal fit for the College of Law and the 2CI program,” says Dean Steven Kaminshine. “We are delighted to welcome him to our law faculty.”

Heled studied biology and law at Tel Aviv University and worked as a clerk and teaching assistant before coming to the U.S. to pursue advanced legal studies at Columbia Law School. Before moving to Atlanta, he practiced intellectual property law with Goodwin Proctor LLP in New York City while completing his JSD at Columbia. His doctoral dissertation focused on the regulation of novel biomedical technologies.

This year Heled will teach an intellectual property survey course, a course on patent law, and a seminar on law and emerging technologies. He is already anticipating future teaching and research collaborations with other departments.

“My area of interest is interdisciplinary by nature – no pun intended,” Heled says. “My approach to law is through the area of biology, and I like to think of it like parachuting into a legal landscape: I find an interesting issue or topic that involves a development in biology or biomedical sciences – that’s the parachute – and then I let it carry me into the legal landscape. Wherever I land is the legal area I need to look further into.”

“Yaniv is joining the new 2CI cluster of law and business faculty whose research interests focus on law, policy, and ethics in the regulation of health care and life sciences industries,” notes Charity Scott, Director of the Center for Law, Health & Society, who collaborated on the 2CI proposal that created this three-faculty cluster with Institute of Health Administration in the Robinson College of Business.

In addition to having the 2CI support, Heled says coming to Atlanta and GSU was his first choice for other reasons as well: not only does he have family here, he’s also happy to return to warmer weather – Atlanta is on about the same latitude as his hometown of Tel Aviv.

“This was always my long-term goal, to make it to academia,” Heled says. “I feel very fortunate to have made it, especially to Georgia State.”